What is the GrowSouth Movement?

Southern Dallas is a textbook example of a region that has the opportunity for economic and geographic growth. Spanning 185 square miles, southern Dallas houses 45% of city’s population. More surprisingly, this 45% of the population only contributes 15% to the Dallas tax base. With the new GrowSouth movement, southern Dallas will be transformed into a bustling place where residents can live, work and ultimately experience an entirely different kind of southern Dallas.

Spearheaded by Mayor Mike Rawlings, it is clear that the GrowSouth movement will focus on improving four main things. These items include the quality of life, short-term and long-term goals, the promise of new investments and the sense of community built from success.

Using the following 10-point plan, GrowSouth will essentially enhance and modernize the entire southern Dallas area, while also achieving the programs original goals.

  1. Strengthen and Engage Neighborhoods

  2. Culture of Clean

  3. Strengthening Schools

  4. Debunk Myths

  5. Private Investment Fund

  6. Downtown and Near Downtown

  7. West Dallas

  8. Lancaster Corridor

  9. Jefferson Boulevard

  10. Education Corridor

Points 1-5 of this plan reflect the city’s plan to create economic success. In 2015, Mayor Rawlings further accelerated the growth process by adding four initiatives that support these first five steps.

The last half of the plan reflects the geographical division of southern Dallas and how each region will be transformed. Each region’s initiative will play a critical role in the success of what will become the new southern Dallas

The movement has invited many innovative ideas and project proposals from a variety of investors, councils, real estate companies, and property groups including DETATE. We look forward to contributing to this movement with our new 60-acre modern design residential and mixed-use development project in the University Hills neighborhood in southern Dallas! GrowSouth has the capacity to truly make a positive impact on the city of Dallas as a whole, and we’re excited to be a part of it!