Partner Spotlight: TreeHouse

Introduction: Modern homes are more than just an infrastructure. They should be beautiful, sustainable and — most importantly — customizable from the inside out. That’s why the DETATE team partners with TreeHouse, a Texas-based home upgrade company dedicated to modern, sustainable home improvement. TreeHouse offers our clients state-of-the-art design, performance and outdoor services ranging from interior painting to rainwater harvesting. Check out how TreeHouse can help turn your dreams of a home upgrade into a reality:


Painting is one of the most popular modern home upgrades because it can change the entire appearance of your house. TreeHouse’s interior and exterior painting services focus on bringing homeowners high-quality products without the premium prices you’d expect from a luxury brand. As if it couldn’t get any better, TreeHouse paints are completely VOC-free, low odor and free of toxic chemicals associated with most paints. That means TreeHouse paints are safe for the entire family, just the way they should be.

TreeHouse design services extend far past interior and exterior painting. They also offer flooring services and kitchen and bath remodeling. TreeHouse understands that everyone has a different aesthetic, and they’ve got a comprehensive team capable of perfecting any beautiful vision.


One of the most crucial components of a smart, modern home? Performance, of course. After all, your home does keep your family comfortable, safe and protected from the environment and intruders. That’s why TreeHouse focuses on bringing the most efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly performance upgrades to modern homeowners. From cutting-edge smart home automation to durable metal roofing, TreeHouse turns homes into a futuristic safe haven. Our partnership with TreeHouse ensures your get only the highest quality performance products, whether you’re interested in residential solar energy, insulation or large, modern windows that detract heat, block noise and save energy.


Water conservation is important everywhere in the world, but it is especially crucial in areas with below-average precipitation like Central Texas. As a result, rainwater harvesting has grown in popularity among modern homeowners looking to take advantage of rainwater for flower and vegetable gardening, pool and pond top-off, storm run-off and drainage control. TreeHouse’s small-scale rainwater harvesting materials are meant to reduce residential outdoor treated water use, which makes it the perfect resource for watering the lawn and garden, even during times of drought.

The DETATE and TreeHouse partnership believes in providing modern homeowners with all the necessary resources to customize their homes to suit their specific needs and style. Contact us at (972) 316-9505 or email sales@detate.com to learn more about how DETATE and TreeHouse can set you on the path toward modern living.