“Love”ing Modern: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

Although we adore our loved ones all year long, Valentine’s Day is the perfect reminder to set aside day-to-day priorities and spend quality time with our partners. It’s a day to celebrate love, rekindle romance and express your truest affections. There is one part of Valentine’s Day that proves to be difficult year after year — finding the perfect gift for her. Check out our Valentine’s Day gift guide full of meaningful gifts every modern woman will love:

For the jewelry lover

Nothing says “love” quite like this striking 18 karat rose gold ring by Tiffany & Co., featuring the unique handwriting of Paloma Picasso and inspired by the graffiti traditionally scribbled on the sides of New York buildings. She’ll be able to wear this striking piece at every event from casual to formal, which is perfect because she’ll never want to take it off once she gets it on her finger.

For the gardener

Brussel’s Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the special gardener in your life because it is believed to symbolize love. Imported from China, the Golden Gate Ficus is 10 years old and has a muscular curved trunk that was hand-wired, promoting a stable structure and modern aesthetic. From the trunk sprouts vibrant green leaves that perfectly fit the modern appeal of the bonsai. This bonsai is an indoor plant that your Valentine will enjoy pruning, shaping and displaying yearlong.

For the fitness fanatic

So, your Valentine is a regular at the gym and takes every opportunity to get outside and exercise. She needs technology that will enhance her workout routine as she runs, swims, bikes, lifts weights and more. The Fitbit Ionic is all that, plus more. It features a built-in GPS, multi-day battery, PurePulse Heart Rate Monitor and is water resistant up to 50 meters. The device also stores and plays 300+ songs. She’ll be able to use this motivating, modern timepiece every day, all the while thinking of the special Valentine that gave it to her.

For the chocolate connoisseur

Chocolate may be an ordinary Valentine’s Day gift. But, there’s absolutely nothing typical about DeLafée of Switzerland’s Gold Chocolate Box. Packaged in a modern folding gift box, this chocolate assortment features eight chocolate balls decorated with edible 24 karat gold. A collectable antique gold coin completes this special unique gift. Pair the chocolates with a bouquet of trendy flowers for a modern take on a traditional gift.

For the chef

If your Valentine is the chef of the house, the Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Essential 19-Tool Set will make her cooking experience a thousand times easier. This collection contains all the essential that every home cook needs. This includes everything from a lemon press and ice-cream scoop to a garlic press and pizza wheel. Happy cooking and — most importantly — bon appétit!

Whatever you choose to give your special someone this year, we hope you enjoy taking the time to genuinely appreciate the unique loving bond you share with your partner. The DETATE team wishes everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day!