Introducing Modern Design to South Dallas

It is such an exciting time for South Dallas development! DETATE is stepping up to make substantial impact in the area over the next few months. Specifically, by revamping the style and feel of the area by modernizing it.

DETATE is Dallas’ first and only premium real estate builder focused exclusively on modern design. The new development project will include 200 townhomes and 125 single-family homes for purchase. Overall, offering potential homebuyers “325 chances to invest in Southern Dallas.” Future plans include retail and other mixed-use amenities to serve.

What sets DETATE apart?

All DETATE homes are modern, sustainable and smart, built of extraordinary quality with designs from internationally renowned architects. Compared to traditional builders, DETATE builds modern residential homes of extraordinary quality and beauty with considerable cost and time savings.

Whether you’re a prospective homebuyer, realtor, or investor, to learn more about DETATE’s modern, sustainable and smart homes, please feel free to call us now at (972) 316-9505 or email us at sales@detate.com.